Valerie Green/Dance Entropy Has Upped Its Web Game! by Valerie Green


The New Website is Live!

If you’re new to Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, welcome. If you’re one of our longtime friends, welcome back to our brand new website! We’ve been hard at work all summer redesigning and reorganizing all that VG/DE has to offer. Now our repertoire archive, touring programs, educational outreach workshops, classes and far more have a snazzy new home in the big wide web.

·         Find out about our upcoming performances

·         Check out photo galleries and videos of VG/DE works

·         Come to our classes held at VG/DE’s home studio Green Space

·         Get in touch and subscribe to our mailing list

And later this month, don’t miss…drum roll please…the reveal of Green Space’s own splashy new website – Stay tuned!