Movement Playground: Creative Movement for Various Populations

Class Structure: Series of 1-5 Workshops, 1.5-2 Hours Each

Levels: Open to All, Particularly geared towards populations with cognitive, physical, or developmental disabilities.

Description: Movement Playground consists of a series of creative movement classes for various populations, including but not limited to senior citizens and adults or adolescents with disabilities. Green leads participants through dance based warm up exercises that are physically appropriate for a range of abilities, including for those in wheelchairs. She then leads guided processes in which participants create their own movement. The students enjoy dance based exercises and movement creation while working on cognitive and physical skills; creativity is fostered through the use of imagery, music, stories, and props, and fun is had by all!

A multi-workshop series has the option of a culminating performance, in which participants’ own creative movement developed during the workshops are choreographed into a group routine and presented in a performance format.

Green has provided these workshops to senior citizens through the New York City Department of Cultural Affair’s SU-CASA program, at local Queens public schools, and for others both onsite at Green Space and offsite at partner organizations locations.