Naked Heart (2005)

Naked Heart, a collaborative work between Valerie Green and Montreal artist, Mariko Tanabe, is a passionate dance seeking to reveal the mysteries of the inner landscape of a woman.  The evocative movement conjures up and expresses the stormy depths of a woman’s memories, journeying from a fiery yet contained darkness toward the empowerment that she finds in the fullness and quietude of her own heart. 

Loss & Desire (2003)

Loss and Desire is a solo danced through a voyage of the four elements using water, dirt, and fabric.  The past is buried and the future is planted for renewal and rebirth in which the passion and desire for life can be felt. The imagery and text was motivated by the book “Death and the Dervish” by Mesa Selimovic about the Ottoman occupation of Bosnia. 

The Shedding (2006)

The Shedding focuses on the physical and emotional transformations humans go through over the course of their lives, as they strip away habits and inhibitions. Dancers emerge from fabric cocoons on a voyage of casting away layers of their inner selves, gradually unearthing a pure self-awareness and freedom. 

Hear Me, See Me (2004)

Here Me, See Me is an evening-length group piece reflecting the Albanian dancers’ passion, individuality, and expressive ability to be heard and seen within their newly experienced contemporary dance form. 

Klis (2002)

Klis is a performance loosely based on Serbian childhood games; linked together to take the dancers on a path of exploration, attempting to return to the carefree state of the child’s mind, when each new encounter was an adventure to embrace and enjoy.

Homeland Inner Side (2000)

Homeland Inner Side is an evening-length multimedia production with live Serbian and gypsy music about the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Homeland Inner Side- Interaction Project (2001)

A collaboration combining the work of Valerie Green/Dance Entropy and Boris Caksiran’s Serbian company ErgStatus. 

A two-month project that toured throughout Serbia, Bosnia, and Italy made possible in part by the Belgrade Cultural Center and the Belgrade Summer Festival-BELEF