Chiquita Chiquita

Chiquita Chiquita is a humorously absurd performance, manipulating and transforming a multiplicity of props used in unexpected ways.  This colorful work, full of surprises, is accompanied by retro-exotica lounge music.

Premiered at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, New York City, December 2008


Dandia, constructed for use in our young audience’s program, is based on the Indian folk dance of the same name. This upbeat work utilizes percussion through wooden sticks throughout and concludes with audience participation at the end.

Artistic Director Valerie Green learned this dance in India during a teaching residency in 2009.


SPLASH! is a site-specific outdoors dance incorporating brightly colored buckets filled with water.  This dance is a structured improvisation to an exciting collage of music about water. Splash is a great crowd pleaser and tons of fun!  Splash can be performed in many types of outdoor venues.

Premiered at Dance Now, Carmine Pool, New York City, 2003

Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom is a nonsense amalgamation of movement, animal behaviors, facial expressions, and sounds. Daily life executed as a playful rite in the animal kingdom.

Premiered at University Settlement, New York City, February 1998


Immeasurable is a site-specific work made for Socrates Sculpture Park inspired by Nari Ward’s G.O.A.T Again series. The work winds its way through the landscape, offering twists and turns inspired by the parks eclectic terrain and Ward’s exhibit. This work can be partially adaptable to other sites.

Premiered at Insitu Site Specific Dance Festival, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY, July 2017