Full Length Evening Works



What does Utopia mean to you?

Is it a physical, external place—or, might it reside internally?

Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, in collaboration with visual artist Keren Anavy, explores the idea of the perfect place through the mediums of dance and visual art. The new work questions whether Utopia might be an internal place, investigated through personal and intimate moments and alongside the community. The notion of what it means to be safe persists inside an environment that is continually built and deconstructed.

Impermanent Landscape

Impermanent Landscape is an evening length performance in the round inspired by the ideas of cubism, perspective, perception, and impermanence.  Breaking the 4th wall and moving choreography outside of the traditional stage and audience formats, Impermanent Landscape features the geometry and architecture of overlapping bodies, creating its own personal landscape. Supported by a sonic terrain of original music by Martyn Axe while featuring an additional layer of sound bites, from sensors triggered by the dancers' movement through a live video feed.

Premiered at Green Space, New York City, March 2016


Succession channels fluid movements of a fetus in the amniotic sac, aging, is an installation of hundreds of flowers, a spiritual burial, and a symbolic rebirth. Ms. Green has thread together segments from her body of solo works creating a life cycle journey.

Premiered at The International Mugham Center, Baku Azerbijan, August 2014

Rise And Fall

Rise and Fall is inspired by the rise and fall of ancient and modern civilizations running the following cycle, including: a new beginning, footprints of the past, early civilization, agriculture, industrialization, modernization, gross consumption, awareness, terror, population dissipation, and knowledge to begin again. Additionally inspired by the book The Long Descent by John Michael Greer.

Premiered at Baruch Performing Arts Center, New York City, January 2012