Kind words from Laurie Hockman / by Valerie Green

Valerie Green / Dance Entropy is delighted to share this recent feedback from Laurie Hockman!

Laurie Hockman photo.jpg

“I am an independent choreographer and have been a renter [at Green Space] since the studio's inception and have not only greatly benefited from access to a spacious, beautiful rehearsal space at an affordable price but have also been afforded valuable performance opportunities through the various programs offered by the studio. Green Space has consistently been attentive to the two needs of choreographers and dancers - having a place to make work and having an opportunity to show work.

Having lived in and worked in New York, for over thirty years, it has been painful to watch the sometimes devastating impact of rising real estate prices on the dance community. Very few of the studios where I studied and rehearsed are still in existence and many of the spaces that are as high quality as Green Space are prohibitively expensive, particularly if one wants to rent on a regular basis. Such access is vital to dance artists. Ms. Green has worked hard to maintain the space and keep it within reach of everyone. Not an easy task in this environment.

As if providing rehearsal space were not enough, Green Space's performance opportunities are equally significant. Given the number of dance artists in New York and the logistics involved, finding a forum to show work, whether it is in process or fully completed, is challenging. With Fertile Ground and Take Root, Green Space answers the need for both. I have had the great honor to participate in Take Root. After having gone through all the travails of self-producing at many spaces, the performance I was able to do through the Take Root was truly a dream come true. All of my technical needs were met and I was completely free to concentrate on what mattered most, the dance. That is a gift to any choreographer, young or old. I would note also that I have also self-produced at Green Space. The performance packages were always reasonable and the experiences were both pleasurable and seamless.

Ms. Green creates powerful, refined and relevant work for her company while providing meaningful outreach and education to communities in Queens and further afield. It has been an inspiration to watch the growth and development of the company both artistically and structurally and to witness its continued commitment to take its work to new audiences.

In closing, I can hardly be more effusive in my praise and appreciation to Dance Entropy and Green Space for nurturing the dance community in New York and how much these demonstrate a comprehensive vision for addressing that community's needs.”