Behind the scenes with our SU-CASA residency / by Valerie Green

Valerie Green/Dance Entropy has been doing an exciting SU-CASA residency series, bringing dance & movement to Senior Centers across Queens. 

We wanted to share some thoughts and updates from two of our teaching artists.

From Arleigh Rothenberg:

I'm having a wonderful experience teaching the Su Casa Classes at Queens Community House. 

The participants seem to be having a wonderful time, and they each took a moment to write about their experience in my class!

"I'm dancing to exciting music with our fabulous dance teacher who is patient- showing us how to keep dancing, moving our bodies to stay fit -n- positive.  Can't wait until we have our dance at our center."  -Patricia

"Great class.  We should spend more time practicing for the show.  We will shine for sure!" -Oveida

"Terrific class - great choreography - music out of this world - Staying Alive!"  - Reynold

"This class is very entertaining and fun.  I enjoyed every class.  Thanks to our instructor." -Etty

"In this class, I learned to relax, rhythm and various steps.  The teacher is very patient." -Yanick

"I love and enjoyed the class.  It makes me very happy.  The class is very amusing and instructional."

- Michelene


From Nicole Kadar 

In March I started teaching a residency at Kew Gardens Community House. The community of seniors, who participated the first day, surprised with their spry coordination and eagerness to move. In every class we move to different music, learn sequenced steps, and engage in creative task tasks while building a sense of community.

Dance brings joy to its participants. I have been reflecting on how this joy is different between young children and senior citizens. (The majority of my teaching work is with young children.) For children the joy is immediate and all encompassing; they are dancing, they are excited. At the end of class they are done and that joy settles down; then they are newly excited about seeing their parents/caregivers. For the elderly there is a slow build as we build in movement and feeling of community. By the end of class that joy transforms into gratefulness. They leave standing a little taller, physically connected to their body and socially connected to the other participants.

Dance is not simply about learning steps. The physical movement stimulates mind-body connections and creative components encourages spontaneous decision making and social interaction. These are life skills to practice at every age.

I feel grateful to do this residency and be a part of their community.


Arleigh Rothenberg

Arleigh Rothenberg

Nicole Kadar

Nicole Kadar