Dance Entropy Board Member Profile: Jeff Gross / by Valerie Green

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When asked about his work with Dance Entropy, Board Member Jeff Gross responds with enthusiasm for the work:

“Two specific things initially drew me to Dance Entropy:

(1) A mission focused on reaching out to, engaging with, and strengthening communities worldwide through dance creation and education


(2) Valerie's passion and energy directed at fulfilling that mission.

I'm proud and excited to say that both have been constant since I joined Dance Entropy as a board member almost three years ago. Whether geographically, exchanging culture and collaborating with local dancers in Greece, Sweden, and Poland, demographically, connecting with students, trauma survivors, and senior citizens, or both, Dance Entropy continuously inspires communities, facilitating growth and the exchange of ideas.

Impermanent Landscape  in Times Square. Photo by: Alex Lopez.

Impermanent Landscape in Times Square. Photo by: Alex Lopez.

And it does so in such a creative and visually moving way. Each unique performance, while beautiful and full of artistry, exhibits a universality that allows each viewer to embrace it in his/her own way, based on individual beliefs and experiences. Whether it's wrestling with the meaning of Utopia, questioning your own perspective within an Impermanent Landscape, or reveling in the connection between music and dance through Hinge, Dance Entropy provides a medium through which we each are able to challenge our preconceptions, while also celebrating what brings us together. Our humanity.”

Jeffrey D. Gross has been a director of Dance Entropy since February 2017. He is currently an operational efficiency consultant with Partners in Performance, based out of Brooklyn, NY. From 2011 to 2014, he managed receiving functions for Christie’s North American saleroom in midtown Manhattan. Previously, he held various positions for David Carrie LLC and the Detroit Medical Center. Mr. Gross received a BA in history and art history and an MBA from the University of Michigan, a JD from the University of Wisconsin, and a Master of Letters in art history from the University of Glasgow.