Meet long time student Mei Ling! / by Valerie Green

Meet Mei Ling, studying dance at Green Space since 2014.

Coming to Green Space for modern dance classes over the past few years has done me a lot of good, health-wise, mentally and physically.  You know, it’s modern dance; besides moving around, one has to put emotional work into the dance.  

I came to the studio as a beginner to modern dance, and am still very green, but Valerie's classes in LIC serve as a fertile ground for me to explore and learn something I totally hadn't dreamed of.

Those who are up to an innovative way of tapping into their limits while having fun should come to the lessons.

I hope to see you in class!

Green Space Classes

  • Valerie Green/Dance Your Frame: modern technique classes

    • Beginner/Open Level: Tuesdays 6:30-8pm, $20 drop in rate - NO CLASS August 28 or September 4, 2018

    • Intermediate/Advanced: Wednesdays 9-10:30am, $15 drop in rate - VIDEO SAMPLE

  • Germination: Green Space Community Class, donation-based: Fridays 1:15-3pm

  • Space for independent teachers to rent and lead their classes

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