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PREMIERE Zawirowania Dance Theater, Warsaw, Poland June 2019

Everything is a dance performance installation evoking the ever-expanding universe, transforming the performance space into a constellation of stars and human bodies in various states of formation and explosion. Inspired by astrophotography, string theory, interconnectivity and meditations on space and time. The new dance work weaves together a visual, physical and emotional translation of the cosmos.

The work began as a cultural exchange and collaboration in progress between Valerie Green/Dance Entropy and Zawirowania Dance Theatre spanning NYC/Warsaw in 2019. It has since expanded into a transportable, movable collaborative concept that is process focused. The work is intended to travel for collaboration, replicating the long distance and cross cultural exchange process, culminating in a different performative result each time. With an emphasis on collaboration, the work also utilizes local musicians and dancers.

The creation process includes visual prompts, improvisational methods, scientific research which is done both via virtual/technological collaboration and then in person by gathering the movement pallet and inserting into a set story board configuration at rehearsals. The work is transformative and engaging for both science and cultural performing arts communities & organizations.

Everything at Green Space  Photographer: Alex Lopez · Event/ Program: Public Performance · Location: Green Space

Everything at Zawirowania Dance Theater  Photographer: Bertosz Zaleweski · Event/ Program: International Dance Theatre Festival Zawirowania · Location: Zawirowania Dance Theater

CHOREOGRAPHY  Valerie Green in collaboration with the dancers

COMPOSERS  Mark Katsaounis • Gniewomir Tomczyk

COSTUMES  Valerie Green

RUNNING TIME  30 minutes


PRESENTED BY Green Space, USA • Zawirowania Dance Theatre, Poland • Play Perform Learn Grow Festival, Greece

Press Quotes

Showing the cosmic harmony as a relationship between people, live music and the movement of bodies…” “…virtuosity without effort.
— Aleksandra Konarska, XV MFTT Zawirowania
…a living installation that immediately breaks down into individual molecules.”  “…vivid and dynamic…
Beata Miernik, XV MFTT Zawirowania
Everything evokes many kinds of dynamics and interactions from physics in a clever way; the ideas are integrated in the choreography such that the piece is interesting as dance on its own. As a physicist it continuously inspired thoughts about physics and about dance as well.
— Walter Polkosnik, Ph.D. Physics