Secret of the Girl of the Flowers, 2012

Secret of the Girl of the Flowers is a metaphor for transformation, while suggesting a non-linear expression of a life cycle, aging, and the disruption of order amidst an installation of hundreds of flowers. The girl of the flowers breaks the rules of nature by disobeying conventional behavior, and changing her forms. Executed through cunning sensuality, juxtaposing a dose of ugliness alongside beauty and unpleasant seductions, all sourced from the deep recesses of the character's psyche. The work is rich in texture, while exhibiting raw power mixed with delicate human vulnerability.

Premiered at Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna, Austria, June 2012

  • 12 minute-work for one dancer
  • Music: Jasmin Levy and Decodex
  • Stage Design: Valerie Green
  • Costume: Deborah Erenberg 
  • Photo: Rodney Zagury

“Green shivers, rolls and flits through a scattering of brightly colored fabric flowers and performs with strong emotion”

–Josey Bartlett, Queens Chronicle