Titanic.SI, 2014

Titanic.SI a collaborative work between Valerie Green and Slovenian artists Michael G. Alujevic and Mojca Majcen, is a short dance/theater work based on the story of the great ship Titanic, inspired by and dedicated to boat number 15 which had on board two Slovenians. Historical facts frame the work and the fate of the individuals, as they find themselves in the middle of a catastrophic event.

Premiered at Queens Theatre, New York City, November 2014

  • 10 minute trio for two dancers, one actor/actress
  • Concept: Michael G. Alujevic
  • Choreography: Valerie Green in collaboration with Mojca Majcen
  • Music: Music: Song of Automn, Goran Bregovic, Slovenia Folk Lullabye
  • Photo: Rodney Zagury

This work is made possible with the support of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Culture.

ďA dance revolving around the famous sinking of the RMS Titanic is hoping to provide a new perspective on the historic tragedy."

-Samantha Lim, The Brooklyn Paper