The Shedding, 2007

The Shedding focuses on the physical and emotional transformations humans go through over the course of their lives, as they strip away habits and inhibitions. Dancers emerge from fabric cocoons on a voyage of casting away layers of their inner selves, gradually unearthing a pure self-awareness and freedom. 

Premiered at Green Space, New York City, April 2007

  • 50 minute work for six dancers
  • Composer:  Alon Nechushtan
  • Costumes, Video, Set Design: Valerie Green
  • Photo:  Angel Hess

The Shedding was made possible in part with funds from the Decentralization Program, a re-grant program of the New York State Council on the arts, administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.

"Green's six dancers often look at themselves and each other as if at the dawn of the world, not quite sure if they're flesh or mud, struggling for awareness within a vocabulary of gravity and earthiness."

- Chris Dohse, DANCE INSIDER