Homeland-Inner Side, 2000

Homeland Inner Side is an evening-length multimedia production with live Serbian and gypsy music about the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Premiered at St.Sava Serbian Cathedral, New York City, October 2000

This work was made possible in part by St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, New York City, Vuk Stef. Karadzich Organization.

“Green must be applauded for orchestrating such an ambitious and enriching undertaking……critically illuminating”

- Lisa Jo Sagolla, BACKSTAGE

“Green accomplished much by bringing the lives of the people of former Yugoslavia to the stage” 

-Chloe Hopson, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Homeland-Inner Side, Interaction Project:  A collaboration combining the work of Valerie Green/Dance Entropy and Boris Caksiran’s Serbian company ErgStatus.

A two-month project that toured throughout Serbia, Bosnia, and Italy made possible in part by the Belgrade Cultural Center and the Belgrade Summer Festival-BELEF

“The members of ErgStatus Dance Theater from Belgrade and Dance Entropy of New York City danced looking inside their spirits, exploring the interaction of time, space, chaos, and destruction of a social system”

-Chill Out Internet News Forum, Belgrade