Press Highlights

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“Impermanent Landscape has a mysterious, churning-liquid feel... and keeps the audience curious from start to finish.”
- Quinn Batson, OffOffOff

“Unexpectedly, architectural… the work’s three-dimensionality, in the way it relates equally to each surface of empty space as it does the floor, in how the shapes and movements cycle through emotions slowly and with the subtlety that marks any wonderful piece of architecture.”
- Courtney Escoyne, Stewardship Report

"Amid mystery and ritual, more organic than elegant, the work recalls aspects of many cultures. "
- Julinda Lewis, Richmond Times Dispatch

"In a Solo performance of extraordinary charm and intriguing mystery, Valerie Green's, “Succession” was like looking through a time warped window of centuries-old glass and into one woman's exploration of her past or alternative realities"
- Philip W. Sandstrom, New York Theatre Wire

"Green's intense physicality and incredible physical vocabulary make her an engaging performer... Green's artistry is fully compelling"
-Molly Marinik, Theater is Easy

“Mesmerizing, magical and mystical”
-Queens Public Television

“Green cast a seamless spell. she drew the audience to her singular experience ”
-Kathy Valin, CityBeat

“As knives line the floor, the dancers awake to chairs and table toppled over leaving the audience stunned”
-Andrew Pavia, LIC Journal

"one of the most inventive dance pieces this reviewer has witnessed."
- Justine Sutton, Noozhawk

"keeping the viewer in continual suspense and giving everything the flavor of unknowability"
-Quinn Batson, offoffoff.com

"a terrific show, esthetically pleasing as well as fun for humans of all ages."
-Richard Grayson- Dumbo Books of Brooklyn

"flawlessly choreographed"
- Lucy Torres - Times Ledger

Valerie Green: Body and Soul Podcast
-Eva Yaa Asantewaa - Infinite Body . blogspot . com

"Defying its name, LIC's Valerie Green/Dance Entropy emerges as cultural anchor after 10 years"
- Katy Gagnon - Times Ledger

“Green was mesmerizing ”
– Carrie Stern – Ins & Outs

"Green's six dancers often look at themselves and each other as if at the dawn of the world, not quite sure if they're flesh or mud, struggling for awareness within a vocabulary of gravity and earthiness."
- Chris Dohse - DANCE INSIDER

“articulate, fearless, intelligent dancing”
- Chris Dohse – VILLAGE VOICE

“Green must be applauded for orchestrating such an ambitious and enriching undertaking……critically illuminating”
- Lisa Jo Sagolla- BACKSTAGE

Photo by: Rodney Zagury