About Dance Entropy

Dance Entropy is a professional not-for-profit modern dance company founded in 1998, featuring a company of eight talented dancers. Dance Entropy supports the vision of Artistic Director, Valerie Green to use creation, performance, and teaching to link dance and the people of a particular community. The communities we engage shift, depending on the specific project, and have included at risk youth, adolescents, the chronically ill, trauma survivors, immigrants, senior citizens, and aspiring/professional dancers. The word “entropy” refers to the tendency towards disorder in a social system and chaos in motion.

The dances are bold, compelling, visceral and at times untraditional. They have included dancing in buckets of water, performers spitting stones, bodies birthed out of fabric cocoons, dancers perched on platforms in six-foot costumes, various uses of text, and audience interactions.

Dance Entropy explores themes such traditions of culture, and notions of self. By intertwining extreme physical expression and behaviors, the movements create visible friction that allow audiences to explore their own humanity. The dynamic images feature unexpected interactions and physical power alongside feminine sensuality. Visually theatrical the dances have included use of props, sets, visual art, multi-media, or new technologies. Collaborating with a diversity of talented composers, the music's range is eclectic: traditional, ethnic, electronic or abstract sound scores.

In order to pursue this work, Green created a company home, Green Space, a 1800 sq. foot studio, located in Long Island City, Queens in 2005. She also had a goal to create a space to grow dance; a place for other artists to create and present work. Green Space fills a void in affordable and flexible space by providing a quality studio, while offering performance opportunities to share the work with peers and public.

Through Green Space, Dance Entropy offers classes for various ages, outreach programs, and multi-arts events. Two monthly performance platforms including the new works performance discussion series Fertile Ground, and the split bill Take Root program. Green Space is highly regarded in providing a greatly valued resource, and has become an incubator for new and emerging talent.

The performances, workshops, and collaborative creations of Dance Entropy and Green Space, the company’s New York City and community home, maintain the following goals:

  • create a platform for multicultural understanding through dance
  • nurture connections between dance creation and education
  • build community among dance artists in New York City
  • help the artists and community members we serve develop new levels of self-awareness and empowerment

Photo by: Michael Okane