Young Audience Performances

Dance Entropy's Young Audience Performances includes vibrant dances that are colorful, creative, and imaginative.  Dance encourages creativity, discovery and inquiry.  Children who participate in dance develop coordination, co-operation, listening, watching, and memory skills. The performance includes audience participation throughout, stimulating children and/or family members to take part in the movement and be creative within their own bodies.

"...a great example of arts education and arts appreciation for kids..."

-Richard Grayson, Dumbo Books Of Brooklyn

"Captivating, fun and entertaining Dance Entropy did the (almost) impossible by performing for children of all ages keeping them entertained and fascinated" 

-New York City Parks Dept.

Each Young Audiences program is 50 minutes:

Indoor program including Chiquita Chiquita, Wild Kingdom, and Dandia

Outdoor program including Chiquita Chiquita, Dandia, and Splash!



Dandia is the Indian folk dance named from the Hindi word for stick and is an upbeat work performed with percussive wooden sticks.


Chiquita Chiquita is a humorously, absurd performance manipulating and transforming a multiplicity of props used in unexpected ways.  This colorful work, full of surprises is accompanied by the retro-exotica lounge music.


Wild Kingdom is a non-sense amalgamation of animal behavior, movement, facial expressions, and sound. Daily life executed as a playful rite in the animal kingdom.


Splash!, for outdoor performances only, is a high energy improvisation to an exciting collage of music about water.



Photos by: Sharon Harsa, Kevin O'Leary, Rodney Zagury