2011 Performance Archive

Nov 10 & 11 8:00pm
Dance Entropy performs Kin
Art House, Jersey City, NJ

July 29 7:00pm
A young aundience performance
Voelker Orth Museum

June 25 5:00pm
Dance Entropy performs Splash!
Part of Global Water Dances- a 24 hour series of dances around the globe, focused on water issues.

June 15-19
Santa Barbara SB-ADapt Festival

May 31
Dixon Place
Valerie Green performs the solo Right Now

April 14 3:30pm and 16 3:00pm
Wild Kingdom Young Audiences Matinee performances

April 8, 9, 10 and 15, 16, 17
Green Space Blooms
Annual spring Green Space dance festival
Dance Entropy will perform Rise & Fall on the 8th and 17th

March 31 7:30pm
Dixon Place
Dance Entropy performs Rise & Fall on a program with Lane Gifford

March 4 7:00pm
Dance Conversations @ The Flea